Dispatches: Honduras

We’ve spent the last few days winding our way through Honduras with the most kind and sweet people.

We visited with Jeovany, on his beautiful estate, Finca Baide. We cupped some of his most recently harvested coffees and hung out with his stylishly coiffed son, Danny.

We had the chance to visit with the ever charming, infinitely sweet Norma Zulema Azucena Erazo, at her beautiful Finca Zulema, in the Santa Barbara district. She had just finished her third picking of her meticulously groomed, perfectly organized farm. She was just moving the coffee to her family’s shared drying beds – we can’t wait to see how these coffees cup!

Norma took us to where her family also farms beets, cilantro, and cabbage—a farmer’s paradise high in the mountains of Honduras. We stopped by her house, where she treated us to fresh baked cookies and coffee, a much appreciated respite on what is always somewhat exhausting work. Norma is just so sweet and generous and thoughtful, it makes all the work it takes to come visit with her seem like nothing at all.

But each trip has its disappointments as well. So many producers have been devastated by coffee leaf rust, with a number of them going so far as cutting their once-beautiful, plants down to stumps and starting over. Heartbreaking.

We’ve got a few more days here in Honduras, before we head to Nicaragua. So far the trip has been a tremendous success.

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