20th Street Single Origin Espresso

We’re now offering a Single Origin Espresso as an option for all espresso drinks at our 20th Street coffee bar and roastery.

First in the hopper: El Meridiano Peaberry. This very special offering comprises a selection of peaberry separations from coffees harvested by a small group of producers in Tolima, Colombia. Peaberries can be found in most coffee varieties, and occur when only one of a coffee cherry’s two seeds is fertilized, resulting in a single, round, dense seed. About 5% of all coffee fruits are peaberries, and often showcase different flavors within the same crop.

El Meridiano PB has undergone numerous rounds of presorting, resulting in an amazingly consistent, uniform lot. Rarely seen as a Single Origin Espresso, we sourced this lot specifically for that purpose, finding that, as an espresso, we are able to highlight its unique, dense, crème brûlée sweetness, silky smooth body, balanced by crisp acidity, and sparking flavors of ripe blackberry. Our amazing 20th Street baristas have been raving about this remarkable espresso since it arrived last week.

We’ll be sourcing and roasting very special lots of coffee exclusively for bar service at 20th Street. The selection will rotate each month, so make a point to stop in regularly to experience some truly special espressos. These coffees will be available only on bar, and only at 20th Street, as these lots are particularly small in size and have undergone particular care and preparation. We can’t wait for you to try them.

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