Fall Arrivals

New offerings have landed and we’ve rounded up a few favorites. Happy Brewing!

Finca Zulema, Norma Zulema Azucena

When we first crossed paths with Norma Zulema back in 2013, we knew her coffees were special. Norma is an absolute joy to work with and we admire her deep committment to producing exquisite coffees and maintaining an immaculate operation at Finca Zulema. As such, we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome this newest lot on menu. Expect a balanced cup with big flavors of ripe, red apple, fresh cut watermelon, juicy mango and baking spices in the finish.

Sulawesi, Toarco, Peaberry

This meticulous peaberry separation is back and tastier than ever! This is an exceptionally structured coffee with sugar cane sweetness, a syrupy mouthfeel, and vibrant flavors of concord grape, lemon peel and stone fruit. Peaberries are a delightful abnormality, only developing in 1 out of every 20 coffee flowers. We love them for their unparalleled intensity and complexity of flavor, which shines through in this full-bodied Sulawesi!

Gatugi Station AA

A second year offering for us, this exemplary Kenyan boasts a big cup with aromas of blackberry and brown sugar, a molasses-like texture, and a red currant acidity. This lot comes to us from the Gatugi Factory in Central Kenya, where SL28 and SL34 coffee varieties reign supreme. Developed for the Kenyan government by Scott Labs in the 1930’s, these varieties are prized for their drought resistance, productivity, and unrivaled clarity of taste. We couldn’t agree more.

Finca La Esperanza Honey, Luis Alberto

If you’ve glanced at our retail shelves lately, you’ll notice a few new honey-processed coffees. In rinsing these coffees, a bit of the mucilage is left intact, giving the parchment an amber “honey” color and imparting a deep sweetness. We’ve enjoyed working with Luis Alberto in past years and are excited to offer this newest lot of Finca La Esperanza honey-washed. It’s light body and crisp, lemon-like acidity pair well with flavors of brown sugar and baking spices, giving way to a long caramel finish.

These special coffees are now available at 7th street and on our webstore.

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