About the Jams: Willie Nelson

Singer, songwriter & luminary, Willie Nelson, known the world over for his genre-bending country and inimitable style, released an understated, highly experimental record in 1998. The record was called Teatro, aptly named for the vacant movie theater in Oxnard, California where it was recorded with a few famous friends, including the ever-lovely Emmylou Harris and jazz guitarist Brad Mehldau. The 14 track record is genre-defying – a ‘south of the border’ tinged departure from the famed ‘outlaw country’ sub-genre he helped pioneer in the late 60s.

Never one to conform, Willie Nelson has innovated with Teatro. Part nostalgia, part reinvention, the eclectic record strikes a harmonious balance between old and new – Willie’s iconic vocals and lyrical artistry accompanied by soothing Latin guitar and soulful percussive grooves. Some old jams reimagined and some completely new tracks are produced by renowned album producer & collaborator, Daniel Lanois. The resulting work is a cinematic, sonic journey that is a pleasure to take again and again.

The fine folks at Light in the Attic Records have issued Teatro on vinyl (for the first time ever!) and it’s been on heavy rotation since. For a limited time, you can pick up your very own, pressed on gold vinyl with a deluxe, gatefold, ‘tip-on’ uncoated jacket, at 7th and 20th Street.

Put it on, pour yourself a few fingers of whiskey, and prepare to experience Willie as you never have before!

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