About the Jams: Noel Ellis

Our excitement is off the charts for this one! While you may not immediately recognize the name Noel Ellis, listen to this seminal record just once and you’ll never forget it!

Son of reggae superstar Alton Ellis, Noel Ellis is a remarkable talent with a musical style that pays tribute to his famous father and the island beats he grew up with, while bringing a distinctive ethereal quality all his own. Produced by famed Summer Records in 1983, Ellis’ self titled debut showcases his flair for ingenuity, effortlessly combining groovy rocksteady rhythms with playful stylings and ‘a less is more’ production approach. The 6-track record also features contributions from reggae greats Jackie Mittoo, Willi Williams, and Johnny Osbourne.

Over thirty years since its initial release, Noel Ellis is back thanks to the fine folks at Light in the Attic, who’ve remastered and released the reggae jammer once again for your listening pleasure. For a limited time, pick one up for your private collection in-store at both 7th and 20th Street.

Put it on, turn it up, and you’ll have it on heavy rotation for days! We promise.

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