We Put Your Coffee in Sweet New Packages!

Sightglass packaging

We wish we could just come over to your house with our pockets full of coffee, give it to you in handfuls, and maybe take a few minutes to talk about what’s good with you these days (How is Kelly anyway? Did her dog win that cool prize?), but until then we still need to sell it in bags.

So we decided to start using the very best bags we could find. There are two things we should let you know about this new packaging: First, the amount of coffee will increase to 12 ounces from 8 ounces. Second, these bags are super focused on environmental sustainability. So, in short, more coffee, better bags. Win, win.

Some of you out there are saying “Wait, you just changed your packaging a year and a half ago.” You are correct. We did. We loved the look of those boxes, and we loved the 8 ounce size. But after using them for a while, we realized that most people prefer to buy 12 ounces of coffee at a time; it’s the right amount to last two coffee drinkers about a week. We also realized that there was a lot of extra packaging involved. Live and learn.

Our new bags are way better for Mother Earth, and we’re actually the very first company in the world to use this material commercially. It’s called Biotre 2.0, and it’s composed of 99.6% renewable plant-based resources, like wood pulp and sugar cane. Still not 100 percent perfect, but in terms of sealed packaging with an oxygen barrier and a one-way valve that keeps your coffee as fresh as possible, it’s the most progressive thing we could get our hands on.

We should also mention that the price of the coffee itself won’t be changing; it’s the same cost per ounce. The 12 ounce package will cost more than the 8 ounce package, but just because there’s more coffee. No funny business.

Feel free to email us at hello@sightglasscoffee.com if we can answer any questions. We can do our best to talk more about the science involved (the supplier gave us some very intense-looking PowerPoint slides) or walk through anything else you’re curious about.

We’re very serious when we say that our first priority is always to bring you the best expression of coffees that we love, and this new packaging helps us to do just that. Thank you for your support, and for helping us continue to do what we love: sourcing, brewing and enjoying beautiful coffees with you.

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