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Secret Knowledge: Thriving in a Small Space

Next in our continuing series about the Secret Knowledge held by Sightglass employees is Sam Abbott, a barista at 7th Street and the Ferry Building Farmers Market. Tiny houses, #vanlife — living in small places is hot. Always one step ahead, Sam has lived in 120 square feet for 6 years in an efficiency studio… Read more »

Secret Knowledge: Tarot

“I’ve always just been interested in divination.” Divination, soothsaying, clairvoyance–all just different words to describe the universal human need to know what the hell is going to happen next. Juan Elias, coffee roaster extraordinaire, also reads tarot cards, one of the most common forms of fortunetelling. “The cards are modeled after different archetypes,” Juan says, mythical… Read more »

Secret Knowledge: Tuvan Throat Singing

“First, you start purring like a lion,” says Chris Harris, a Coffee Educator & Account Manager at Sightglass. The art of Tuvan throat singing involves producing multiple tones simultaneously, including a low bass note like that of a big cat. Chris learned Tuvan throat singing as a hobby, but it’s still widely practiced in the… Read more »

Do What Comes Natural

If you went over to Mother Nature’s yurt and she served you a cup of coffee, what do you think it would taste like?  Probably really jammy and sweet, and a little wild in the very best way.  (Her yurt would also smell like Dr. Bronner’s and weed, but that’s not totally relevant here.) In any… Read more »

Yeah, We Made That

Ok, so that took a little longer than we thought. Back in the heady days of 2014, when we were still young and dangerous, we signed a lease on a former produce market on the corner of Divisadero and Page. After literally rebuilding from the foundation up, we opened our new store on July 28th. In… Read more »

Our New Cow Buddies


A few years ago, we noticed that every cappuccino we tasted at our Ferry Building farmers market location had some quality that felt a little bit magic, something we couldn’t quite identify. So we went home and messed with all the variables—the grind settings, the temperature of the brewing water, and extraction ratios—and eventually we figured… Read more »

We Put Your Coffee in Sweet New Packages!

Sightglass packaging

We wish we could just come over to your house with our pockets full of coffee, give it to you in handfuls, and maybe take a few minutes to talk about what’s good with you these days (How is Kelly anyway? Did her dog win that cool prize?), but until then we still need to… Read more »

About the Jams: Noel Ellis

Our excitement is off the charts for this one! While you may not immediately recognize the name Noel Ellis, listen to this seminal record just once and you’ll never forget it! Son of reggae superstar Alton Ellis, Noel Ellis is a remarkable talent with a musical style that pays tribute to his famous father and the… Read more »

First Look: Sightglass at SFMOMA

We’ve spent the better part of the last two and a half years dreaming up and actualizing our third brick and mortar coffee bar in San Francisco, this time, partnering with a world-renowned cultural institution we’ve long cherished. We sought to create an elevated & highly immersive coffee bar experience within SFMOMA, one that would… Read more »

Dispatches: Central America

We’ve just returned from our first sourcing trip of 2016 and have some tremendous updates to share with you all. Central America is a wildly exciting place to source quality coffees, made even more special by the remarkable people, places and experiences. This time around, we traversed Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras – three countries close together geographically,… Read more »