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20th Street Single Origin Espresso

We’re now offering a Single Origin Espresso as an option for all espresso drinks at our 20th Street coffee bar and roastery. First in the hopper: El Meridiano Peaberry. This very special offering comprises a selection of peaberry separations from coffees harvested by a small group of producers in Tolima, Colombia. Peaberries can be found in… Read more »

Dispatches: Colombia

We’ve recently returned from a string of amazing sourcing trips—Rwanda, Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and, most recently, Colombia. Colombia was one of the first countries we ever visited, and each time we return we’re reminded of what made that first visit so special. Colombia, aside from being ruggedly gorgeous and wildly exciting to travel in,… Read more »

Dispatches: Rwanda

Our sourcing trips are all special, in various and truly unique ways. Some are remarkably difficult, but rewarding. Some are complicated and frustrating, but leave us with the true sense that our work is valuable and worthwhile as we cup a coffee that blows us away. Our most recent visit to Rwanda, which we’ve just… Read more »

Vice / Munchies: Chasing Coffee in Ethiopia

Our first in a multi-part series has gone live at Vice / Munchies. The first stories will focus on our sourcing efforts in Ethiopia, as our green buying team careens through stunning East African landscapes in search of some of the world’s finest coffee. We’re thrilled to be working with a trailblazing organization such as Vice and hope you enjoy… Read more »

Dispatches: Honduras

We’ve spent the last few days winding our way through Honduras with the most kind and sweet people. We visited with Jeovany, on his beautiful estate, Finca Baide. We cupped some of his most recently harvested coffees and hung out with his stylishly coiffed son, Danny. We had the chance to visit with the ever… Read more »

Now Open: Sightglass 20th Street

It’s official! We’re pleased to introduce Sightglass 20th Street, our newest coffee bar and roastery, located at 3014 20th Street in the Mission, on the well-loved block between Florida and Alabama, next to our friends at Southern Exposure, Trick Dog, Salumeria, and Central Kitchen. Designed to serve the beautiful neighborhood in which it resides, 20th… Read more »

Dispatches: Guatemala & El Salvador

We spent the last two weeks in El Salvador and Guatemala, two countries we’ve enjoyed thoroughly on past trips, and to which we were excited to return. El Salvador In El Salvador we visited Finca California, a small farm we purchased about 15-bags of coffee from last year, hoping to discuss their farm’s organization and… Read more »